Monday, 2 May 2016

Introducing 222 family batch 2015/2016

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone..! *greeting from Snow Sisters' ❄️ members*

From your left: 
Mai, Nurul, Dila, Suria, Syira, Bat (behind Syira), Fatimah (next to Bat), Ira (in front of Fatimah) and me..! 

This photo was taken on our last day in Selangor Matriculation College.
Yes this is our last group photo.. 😭

How I Met Snow Sisters'..? 
Hmmm actually they all are my classmates.. 

We have 18 people in our class, SM2K2T2 or 222 (for short).. 9 boys and 9 girls. Fair right..? Since it just a small number, so we able to unite and form a group which we named it "Snow Sisters' ❄️" the snowflake emoji included..

Okay this is the boys in our class.. Since I don't have their perfect picture, I screenshot from Syami's instagram so, sorry because the picture is not clear enough. (Syahmi: our class monitor wearing baju melayu in blue colour)
Their group name is "Blood Brothers" 

Snow sisters' ❄️ + Blood brothers = 222


  1. Hai. Saya nak tanya. Boleh pakai baju kurung pahang tak?