Sunday, 24 January 2016

Little thing that make me feel happy

So it's 1.45 a.m now and I'm still at study desk doing some revision as I will sit for mid-sem test next week.. After a few minutes study (hehehe, like you don't know me) I check my phone for message.. End up I scroll old photo in camera roll.. Then I found a picture that I think it is very valuable...

I still remember the day I saw this note, I almost cry.. Heheheh.. It happened during school holiday, my siblings and I did our own activities.. We didn't talk much that time.. Then I got this from Adam (my youngest brother) .. You can see from the handwriting, he is so young that time.. And he spelled my name wrong.. Hahaha.. I think that I kept that letter but where ah..? 

The reason why I write about this is, so that I can remembered this valuable thing.. 

I love you, Adam. 

(If I do have grammatical error, please correct me okay..? I'm still learning..) ^_^