Friday, 4 July 2014

KET examination..

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

Today I want post many things.. 
And this is the first post..


2 weeks ago, my friends and I sit for KET examination.. KET is short form for Key English Test.. This exam will be sitted after 1 year of being KET student.. 
We were tested in 3 ways that is reading & writing, listening and speaking.. 

We sit for the examination at Cambridge branch in Bukit Beruntung.. I also made a new friend, her name is Ainin Sofia if i'm not mistaken.. Ahahah.. She's 14.. She sat besides me in the waiting room.. But..  I forgot to ask her number or fb name.. Now we lost contact.. 

Speaking test made me had butterflies in my stomach.. Erkk... Luckily, Allah sent me cheerful classmates.. They didn't looked worry.. They made lively atmosphere..However the speaking test didn't run smoothly.. I stutter a bit.. But it's okay.. Ahh.. The interlocutor, the one who asked me questions is a Chinese young lady..!! She is adorable.. :)

Then we had reading & writing test.. The situation was same with the time I sit for PMR. Our place had been set up.. The question papers was still in the palstic..
We had to put I/C on the desk.. Each desk was for each person.. 


The questions was not easy as ABC..

Before the exam started we had time to talk.. We discussed about some confusing questions.. We also planned make a surprise birthday party for our teacher..!! Wuhuu.. 

Then we were given time to eat.. 

And the last test was listening..!!
We had to listen to the conversation then choose the correct answer.. 
This test was easy for me because the radio was placed in front of me.. So, I could hear clearly.. 

Now, I'm no longer KET student.. I'm a PET student.. And I will sit for PET examination next year and insyaAllah I can meet Ainin..


Okay I'm not sure whether I can post other things now because my mom ask to go out.. See you soon.. ^_^

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