Friday, 31 January 2014

Bungalow, Mansion, Flat, Apartment

Mistakes in the Use of Nouns

*Bungalow, Mansion, Flat, Apartment*

People usually say: 
"Look at the rich man's bungalow. It has three storeys"

It is clear that many people think that a bungalow is a very large, expensive and luxurious dwelling place..
Actually bungalow = a house with 1 floor/level.  (Rumah setingkat)
The word bungalow in the sentence above should be replace with mansion.
Mansion = a very large, expensive house which is a rich man's house should be.

"Pak Amin has money so he can buy an apartment. Most people can afford only a flat".

The 2nd sentence tells that everyone has the misconception that an apartment is bigger, more expensive than a flat. The only difference is that the use of word flat is favoured by the British and the Australians.. 

The Americans prefer apartment.. 
So, don't underestimate to those who live in flat..

This is what I have learnt and I think it is good to share..
Sharing is Caring.. ;-)

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