Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cameron Highland.

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
My family and I had visited to Cameron Highland.. We spend 2 days and one night, there..
 It is located in Pahang..
Cameron Highland is our most visited places.. Here are some pictures that I want to share..
Okay.. Makanan inilah yang jadi sahabat perut kami sekeluarga semasa dalam perjalanan.. Kalau korang teliti, korang akan nampak satu plastik besar berisi keropok ni dalam gambar tu.. Heheh..
Tea time!! Sampai je kat sana, terus singgah kedai minum teh.. :D

This picture was taken in the lift.. Haha.. 
The picture of my eldest sister and me..
Time ni nak naik pi rumah sewa kat sana.
Laila and Adam.. Laluan dekat depan rumah sewa.. 
We had steamboat at night.. Mama bawa periuk steamboat tu dari rumah.. 
         Cactus!! Be caution.. Auchh..

On the next day, we went to tea farm..

     Laila and me!! Peace..
Mama and Abah.. Jauhnya.. 

Adam.. My youngest brother.. Gambar blurr pula..
     Yellow flower.. 
     Assalamualaikum.. (^_^)

We went to Cameron Highland a week before final examination started.. I was so worried.. So, I brought my chemistry note book because I want to make revision during my free time there.. BUT.. I didn't read the book.. Hahaha.. 
Okay that's all.. Come visit to Cameron Highland, Malaysia.. Hehehe.. Promote pulak..

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